Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Idk what made me take some classes with my sister..I love her but she is a pain..She acts like my mother and I hate that...We are both adults and would be nice to be treated like one..Plus people think we are joined at the hip. Like we are suppose to be together all the time! But I see her everyday in the house..I really regret taking classes with her..I've definitely would never take anymore classes with her..I should have went with my gut and change my classes when I had the chance but its too late now 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moving out

I am so ready moving out of my parents house. I feel like im being smothered. Its not that I dont love my parent or my family but I just feel its about time I leave and become my own person. Im 21 years old, it about time I move..I just need a nice paying job so I could save up and find me a place. I know my family feel like im not ready to be  on my own, basically they dont think im not "responsible" enough..That really hurts to know that my family doesnt think im not ready to be own my on..Well I just have to show them that I am ready to be on my own..In all that I just hope I move out soon