Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm Alive!!!

Well i've been soo busy with school and work I haven't been able to blog like I want to. I know I said I was going to do a review on the hair care product Nothing But...I will do a separate blog post. But I will just say I loveeeee ittttt!!! Anyway, school has been a drag for me! I haven't been motivated at all. I'm just over it and cant wait to graduate in May. I had to withdrawal from my online bio class. It was too much for me. But the rest of my classes are pretty easy. Work is okay, its work. There's nothing much to say really. lol

As far as my hair, I've made it to my 1 month being natural. My hair has grown since I big chop. People weren't lying when they said your hair grows fast when you chop of the relaxed ends. Of course, I had my withdrawals but I had to remind myself  why I wanted to be natural in the first place. My family is adjusting to my new hair. Surprisingly my father is liking my hair and he was the main one that was against me going natural. My sisters and mother had their doubts but they also came around and they have been helping as far as styles and products is concerned. I love my natural hair and I don't think I will getting a relaxer anytime soon.

My hair for the month of February

Xo Cel 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Its my Birthday!!!

I'm officially 22 years old! Although I look much younger! *Parents have good genes* lol . Anyway for my birthday I decided to straighten my hair! That was a major fail. I didn't even take a picture that's how ugly it was to me anyway! But all i have to do really is find a hair stylist who does natural hair and give my hair a nice shape to it. Although I didn't take a pic of my of my start hair but I have the before my hair was blown out and after i blew it out

My hair is big! lol. Considering I'm 10 months post. I love my natural hair. Some people don't understand why I went natural but they don't need too. Anyway getting off topic. I thought it would be nice to see my hair straight. I will just say I would rather have my hair in its natural state for a long while. Definitely next time when i straighten my hair I will post it. 
As you can see i decided not to wear my hair out for church today! Thank God for beanies!!
For my birthday, I went to church but other than that I'm not doing anything big being that I don't have money or any friends that are available for me to hang with. I'm just going to watch a movie and have dinner with my family. My mother cooked me whatever I wanted for my birthday so that's her bday gift to me. Then the rest of the family is going to give me my bday punches. Yes we still give bday punches lol!  I don't feel any different being 22, as if i was suppose but I'm looking forward to see what this age has to offer. I want to wish everyone whos birthday is in February a Happy Bday and God bless! 
XO Cel 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Adios January!

Best known as: The Greats month of the year! lol. I'm only saying that because my birthday is this month! I will be 22! (O.M.G). Time surely does fly. January  felt really short! Am I the only one that feels this way? Anyway I'm not looking forward to Valentines day because I won't have a Valentine. *cue the violins lol  Out of my whole I had only one valentine, its was really nice. But I'm not going to fret! I will be my own valentine lo Although that is not my main focus. School is! There will be more valentine's days. Speaking of school, its kicking my butt! I just started and I'm already ready for May to hurry up! Just so I can graduate! I believe February is going to be great! 

XO Cel