Saturday, December 29, 2012

Natural Hair Rant (again)

  Although I'm not fully natural yet I'm having my doubts. Well I will say set backs. I thought about getting a relaxer sooo bad. But then I had to really stop and think about why I want a relaxers. I guess I'm just use to getting the "creamy crack" that I was just willing to give in. Okay, I have a hard time with my family mainly my sisters and mother when it comes to hair. I believe that is the root of everything. I'm the type of person that wants to make everyone happy but then I will be the one that ends up sad because of I wanting to please them. But who is going to please me?! My sisters believe I'm going through this phase of "finding myself." I mean what is wrong with that? I'm young and I have my whole life ahead of me; with me finding myself my hair is part of this journey.
   I honestly don't see what is wrong with natural hair. All they keep telling me is that your hair is going to be nappy, you're not going to have any type of curls, and all this crazy stuff. I guess I'm just frustrated with them. I have to come to the point to just tune them out. I have no idea what my curl pattern going to be, but whatever it is I will love it. I've been inspired to keep on going from reading my favorite bloggers, and watching natural hair videos on Youtube, and simple pictures of women/girls with different natural hair textures. During this journey I've learn to love myself from head to toe. I've never felt like myself with my relaxed hair. Does that sound weird? I know that I'm making the right decision for me, no matter what others may think.
   They keep asking when you cut your relaxed ends off what are you going to do? To be honest I really 'don't have no clue but I know I'm going to find ways. That's why there are  Youtube videos and blogs to help me along the way. I believe they're just as curious as much as I am. I'm nervous but excited to welcome my kinks, coils, and curls to my world that God had gave me.

*The more I look at natural hair the more I understand why I chose this journey, is different, beautiful and so versatile. I felt limited when it came to my relaxed hair that's why i've never felt like i could be myself. These women with their natural hair are beautiful in every way. I just want my family to see my kinks, coils, and curls are beautiful, *
XO Cel 



Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

 Today was awesome for me. To start off my day, my parents woke me up around 8 am. I know that is early to open up gifts. Well for me anyway lol. I didn't expect much but I'm grateful for what I did get. My nieces and nephew got the most out of the whole clan which is expected because they are kids. As for me I got a book, a journal, a pajama set(which i am wearing now) lol, and some moccasins. I adore every last one of these gifts i have received. The one thing I hoped for was some snow today but nope lol but nevertheless I I hope everyone has/had an awesome Christmas and received everything that you had on your wishlist and more!
XO Cel 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thoughts, Updates and such

The semester is finally over. Now I can breathe! Do with me felt good (LOL) well I can really breathe with my professors post my final grades. Then I will be happy. Throughout the semester I had a lot of withdrawals, whether I wanted to stay in the major i'm in or whether I want to continue my education after I graduate. For example I still want to get my degree in Medical Assisting and get into acting classes. As you can tell I am a very indecisive person  in general. But I'm young I guess I can do whatever I want. I've realize I can never do one thing, I get bored very easily. But one things for certain I do want to become a Medical assisting and an Actress. First I will have to find a good school to get into for Medical Assisting (which I'm in the process of doing)  and hope I will find a school before I graduate this May. Oh btw I'm graduating with my Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. Which I am soo ecstatic about after 3 years in my community college I finally be graduating. It is truly an accomplishment. After that I will see what happens, I will be praying about it and go from there.
XO Cel 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Grab bag!!!

I personally l-o-v-e grab bags. In my last post I stated my family and I do grab bags as a Christmas tradition. Okay before I go anywhere I will explain what a grab bag. It when we write names of whomever is participating in a hat, plastic bag or whatever you can find to shuffle. Then when that's finish one by one blindly pick a name. Oh yeah there are no trades or take backs lol. Now after that it everything depends you and what you think the person will like. My family has a price limit that's like 25 dollars or more. You don't need a price limit if you don't want a price limit. The whole point of the grab is to get what you think the person will like. Now if you don't really know what to get the person you could ask some of your friends what they think person will like just to get an idea of what to get them. At the end the whole experience is fun. Just to see their faces when they open the present(s) you got them. Its priceless! Doing the grab bag is really nice and different. Happy Grab bagging!!!

XO Cel 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas time is here!!!

Well in 3 weeks to be exact but anyway,I LOVEEEEE Christmas. Who doesn't love Christmas. As a matter of fact I just love the month of December. For the fact that its the last month of the year and then its the movies, decorations, snow, snow, snow, oh yeah did I meation snow lol..Also just the spirit of Christmas. For this month of December I will be finishing my fall semester. Finals are kicking my butt! I can't wait to be done with it all! Im in need of a break from school.
Anyway this Christmas my family and I are doing grab bag. We did that last year and it was so much fun. So we decided to make this a tradition. Speaking of tradition every Christmas Eve we make a big dish! We would have a platter with rolled up lunch meat. Meatball with mozzarella in the middle and many many more. After that is finish we will gather and watch massive Christmas movies until its Christmas. I just love spending time with my family. Well as the new year approaches I appreciate what 2012 taught me and offered me. My arms are open to what 2013 has to offer.

XO Cel 

8 month post relaxer

I know in my last post I stated I was going to b/c this month but plans had change unfortunately but I'm making the best of it. I've decided to get senegalese twists. I plan on keeping these in for 3 months or more. I love this hair style! It's gives me a break from dealing with my own hair for a few months.Best believe I will big chop before this summer. That's my goal, I can't wait to welcome my natural hair!
XO Cel

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rainy Days Attire

Rainy Days

Rainy Days by thatgirlcel featuring a cross ring

When it comes to rain I am a pure bum. I never really want to do anything. If I'm home I would do what I need to do like clean, bathe etc. The days I have to go somewhere like school or work I just slap on a beanie, hoodie and boots. My job doesn't require me to wear anything professional so I just wear what I want but still presentable. Anyway, when I have to go out and it raining you will not find me in a skirt unless its Sunday and I have to go to church. But for the most part, I'm always rocking my hoodie,boots and beanie. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

My Rainy Day Rituals

I know I'm not the only one who loves those rainy days. I love to hear the rain hit the window pane and have my window cracked open to get a little breeze. These rituals only happen when I have a day off from work or school. Here we go!!

Cleaning: I have to a clean room. It just wouldn't feel right. I hate having a dirty room or even bathroom.  It could be something simple like; rearranging my cloest or my reorganizing my nightstand or dresser. I would take all my time just to get my room clean and having a the bathroom smelling fresh .

Batheing: After I slaving over my room, I take a nice shower to wash away all the blood, sweat, and tears, well not blood or the tear but definitely the sweat needs to come off. I love the feeling of a clean body.

Movies: After cleaning my room and bathroom I pop in a dvd or watch something on Netflix. It all depends. If you like me, a rainy day is not complete without a good movie. I prefer a romantic or even a comedy/chick flick. You can never go wrong with The Notebook or  27 dresses. It just sets the mood

FoodI'm not a big popcorn eater if I do decide to watch a movie so would probably make some banana oatmeal, or maybe a small plate of leftovers from last night. It all depends on how I'm feeling that day

Candles: I have to have a candle lit after my all of the numerous chores I had to do. Bath and Body works have the best candles but the cheap brands works as well. I would burn Cinnamon or Cloving buds or Fresh Balsam or whatever smells good.

One thing I love about rainy days is just enjoying my time away from the world. I love treating myself to the little things. If I don't do anything of my rituals I usually just lay in bed and listen to the rain while some soft music is playing in the background.
XO Cel 

What are your rainy day rituals? 

I want to give a big Thank You to Ms. Kim from for letting me use her banner! Make sure to check out her blog, I promise you would love her blog! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

7 months post

OMGEEE!! I am so proud of myself for making it this far during my transition period. To be honest I never thought I will make it this far. What really made me stick to my decision was the people that didn't believe i will go through the whole natural hair journey. I can truly say I had made the best decision for my hair. Before I started my hair journey my hair was so damaged and thin and I hated it. This journey has its up's and down's but I'm learning and loving it. I made it official that I'm doing my bc next month and I'm super excited!!! I'm just at the point I'm just tired of blending these two textures. I already fell in love with my natural hair, I love how thick and soft it is. I don't know what catergory it falls in but whatever it is I know I will love it because its the texture and pattern God had gave me and he never makes any mistakes. I just wish some of my family saw how beautiful our natural hair is. My oldest sisters is always saying your hair isn't going to be curly and just going to be nappy and all that mumbo jumbo. I just tend to block her negative comments out. Because whether its nappy or curly or whatever I will love it either way. If I could say what I've learned during this journey is to love who I am from head to toe, and don't listen to anyone who has anything negative to say. Although I have some of my family that makes jokes about it most of them are very supportive. Like my brothers LaMont and Carrington don't really care except one, my brother Carrington was like he can't imagine me with short hair but other than that he really supports my journey. It feels good to know I have a support system. I might have inspired my cousin to go natural so I'm really excited about that as well. Well let me see how my family reacts to my new hair next month. I promise to post before and after pics

XO Cel

Monday, November 12, 2012

U.K?!! One Day

U.K?!! One Day

U.K?!! One Day by thatgirlcel featuring skinny leg jeans

For as long as I could remember, I ALWAYS wanted to visit London or the U.K. I believe that I fell in love london because of their accents but once I researched the U.K more I loved it even more. I guess because is so different from what I'm accustom to here in the U.S. I just realized I follow a lot of people from the U.K on blogspot and youtube. lol. I attempt to do the british accent but I dont think its working for me at all, but i will keep on practicing. Anyway when I younger I made a promise to myself that I will go to the U.K if its the last thing I do. I know that God doesn't make mistakes but I think I was meant to be in London. I know I would just love it there. Of course there are many places I would love to visit but London is at the top of my list of places to go. Oh yeah this lady at my mothers job told me about her sister going to London for school, she also gave me a website to check out. It has a list of schools and majors. I'm definitely going to look more into it. I pray I can get into one of the University. I believe that london has infinite opportunities and I will jump right on it when the opportunity presents itself.
XO Cel 

Monday, November 5, 2012

My week during Hurricane Sandy blackout

       I've been away from my social networks for a full week! That was the first time its has been a blackout for a week. Blackouts here didn't last long before, maybe an hour or more. Besides that me and my family were doing well. Of course we were all getting kind of annoyed because we didn't have any hot water and then on the radio they will tell us "oh the lights will be on Wednesday" and never came on. It was actually getting on my nerves. Anyway during this week some of my family members including me would play monopoly. Although I wish we had more games to play other than monopoly but it was fun! I usually don't play monopoly but I gave in because there was nothing else to do.
     I am grateful that me and my family had food to eat and that our stove was working. So we could make soup and eggs and what not. I could honestly say during this whole week it made me and my family closer. Personally during the blackout we had fun, we were joking around with each other, I would be in one of my brothers room and we would play games, listen to the radio and pick at each other and whatever we could think of. Although we did have fun we were getting tired of being in the dark for those five days. Thank God the lights came back on Saturday morning. We were screaming from the top of our lungs. I think the whole block could hear us. I felt good to have out light back on. My niece told me she miss the lights being out, because we were having so much fun playing the board games. Even with the odds, my family and I beat it. I know it was God who kept us sane though it all.
         Although my lights are back on, I'm praying for those who lost their houses, and/or still don't have lights I pray they come on real soon. I hated not having light and I hate for other to be without light either. Also my heart and prayers goes out to those who lost loved ones during the hurricane.

XO Cel 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Liebster Award

OMGEEE!! I"ve been nominated for the Liebster award by two beautiful ladies Stephaniechanel( and Moni-Pie(!! 
This award is for bloggers who have 200 or less followers. 
Thank you lovely ladies for nominating me!!

List 11 random facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions asked by the person that nominated you
Choose 11 blogs that have 200 or fewer followers to nominate (don't forget to tell them)
Make 11 questions for the people you are nominating 
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11 random facts about me!
1. I love to draw
2. I can sleep all day if I could
3. I'm learning how to play guitar
4. I'm very independent
5. I love my family
6. I keep an actually journal/dairy 
7. I'm very impatient
8.I rather talk than text on the phone
9. I'm shy at times
10. I'm love photography! 
11. I love to read

Stephaniechanel Questions
1. What year did you start blogging? 2011
2. What category would you define your blog as? Life/"Fashion" blogger
3. What's your favorite blog right now?
4. Favorite animal? Dogs
5. Favorite dessert? Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
6. Favorite brand/store? Forever 21
7. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be? London
8. What's your top 3 places to visit? California, Australia, Florida 
9. If you could have starred in a movie, which one would it be?  Any with Denzel Washington 
10. What's your zodiac sign? Aquarius 
11. Who's your celebrity icon/role model? Kerry Washington 

Moni-pie Questions
  1. Whats your favourite blog of all time?
  2. What are 3 items always in your handbag? Chapstick, Phone, and Ipod
  3. Who's your style icon? Shirley B. Eniang from www. 
  4. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 30 mins 
  5. Do you prefer straight or curly hair? Curly hair 
  6. What do you  blog most about? My life 
  7. Whats your favourite beauty brand? Maybelline 
  8. Whats your star sign?  Aquarius
  9. What is one natural at home beauty treatment that you do? I don't have none
  10. whats your hobby? besides blogging of course/ Photography
  11. How long have you been blogging for? Since November 2011
11 Blogs that I choose

11 Questions I asked
  1. Whats your favorite color?
  2. Favorite Hobby?
  3. Any bad habits?
  4. What is your go-to make-up product?
  5. Fave season?
  6. Favorite dish?
  7. What attracts you to the opposite sex? 
  8. Favorite Blogger?
  9. Fashion inspirations? 
  10. Favorite movie?
  11. 3 things you can't leave the house without
Thanks again!! XO Cel 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Something blue

Untitled #12

Untitled #12 by thatgirlcel featuring crystal bracelets

Today I didn't do much, my day was consist of class, work, and class. So my day was pretty boring. Before I get ahead of myself. The interview I went to, went pretty well from my point of view. It was your typical interview but with a little twist. The person interviewing me and these other two girls was really chill and layback but I knew she meant business. She just asked us a few questions and had us roll played as if we were already employed it was fun and interesting. Anyway let mind you I went for the interview tuesday. So the head-secretary told me they had call yesterday. I was excited and nervous about getting a message saying that the Bath and Body works called my supervisor. I am so nervous about the review my supervisor gave me. I hope it what she said was good enough for them to give me the job. But I'm not going to worry about it anymore, I'm just going to let go and let God. I always say if the job is for me then the Lord will bless me with the job. If not, he has something better for me. I'll keep yall posted XO Cel

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This song was on my heart this morning. God didn’t have to do what he did for me but I’m glad he did. How can’t I not love a God like that. 
“You changed my who life, you made my wrongs right, for the rest of my life I will never know why you mad something out of nothing”- Jessica Reedy 

I hope everyone has a blessed day XO Cel 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Good morning guys! Its a safe to say I truly hate mondays. Just for the simple fact that I have to get up for work. But hey, I need money so I'm not going to complain too much.This weekend my family to South Carolina with my church while me, my little sister, and my 2 brothers stayed home and enjoyed our weekend without the extra load. My weekend went by to quick might I addI didn't really do much though, all I did was clean, and do my homework. Well tried to do my homework but that wasn't happening. lol. I will do it before its due of course. This weekend was fun while it lasted, my family came back yesterday. As much as they get on my nerves I did missed them, especially my mommy. I knew the party was over this morning when I was rudely awaken by my alarm clock at 5:30. (I really hate that thing) but it was all good because as much as I hate going to work, I love seeing how much I see on paycheck. Hope everyone as a Happy Monday XO Cel

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Interview Attire?

Interview Attire?

Interview Attire? by thatgirlcel featuring chanel

Hey guys!!!! I have exciting news! I have a job interview this Tuesday! *hits the dougie* lol I am absolutely ecstatic. It with Bath and Body works. Behind the excitement I am pretty nervous. I've never had a interview for a retail store. I just have a good feeling that I'm going to get this job though. I'm not being cocky I just have faith that everything is going to work in my favor. Even though I don't have exactly have the attire above, the only thing I have is a blazer and a ugly black skirt. I will make it work though. Well just pray for me guys that I get the job. I will keep you guys posted. XO Cel 

Monday, October 15, 2012

I think I'm ready to bc

Venting Timeeeeee!!!! lol Although I said was going to wait til December or in April to bc I might just do it sooner then I think. Tomorrow I might go to get my last blow out. I'm just tired of transitioning, I'm tired of trying to blend in the two textures. I have people in my ear telling me to wait and I like I always do I listen to them. I'm not listening to them anymore. I'm tired of spending unnecessary money on my hair. I don't care what any one says I will save more money doing my own hair. I'm still sitting here contemplating rather I want to get a blow out or save money or just bc tomorrow lol. There's just alot going through my head right now. I'm just frustrated and tired of transitioning.

Virgin Diary

I'm a virgin! Always have been and always will be. I can't even count how many times I tell someone I'm a virgin and they give me that weird look like I'm a unicorn or like I have three boobs.Some even say I don't look like a virgin. Is there such a thing as not looking like a virgin? It makes me laugh. There are times I rather not say anything because there's always questions that I've answered one too many times but I answer them anyway just to get out the way. Here's what I usually say:I'm proud to be a virgin, and no you can't be the first (to the guys), I'm waiting for the right person, and yes I'm waiting for marriage. Of course not many people wait til marriage to have sex but that's my goal. Although I'm not getting married just to have sex. I just feel like giving my virginity to someone is a gift  and I want to give it up to someone I trust and care about because one I give it up I can't get it back. Yeah I know the horrifying stories of your about losing and a blah blah blah. In someway I'm hope my first time will be "special." Cheesy I know but hey a girl can dream. I would be lying if I said I've never wanted to have sex because that would be a lie. There were countless times when I gave up waiting and just wanted to get it over with. Thank God I didn't though. I would have regretted it. Plus I don't want to be one of those girls who have sex once and get pregnant. Now if that happens I would die! (not literally though lol). I'm not ready for a kid, I can wait a little while longer. So I would be keeping my virginity for a longggggg while. I already know God has someone for me, I just have to be patient.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

6 months growth

Sorry for the poor camera quality (webcam) but I just wanted to come through and show my hair growth. I tried to get good shots but I definitely will get a better camera. I just finished co-washing my hair I am in love with my new growth and proud of myself for sticking with it. I think I'm ready to cut off all the relaxed ends. I'm just really getting tired of it. Although I have cut my hair short but it was like a bob short, but it has never been afro twa short. It will be something to get use to. Of course my mother is against me cutting it but I see how I feel at the end of this month. I'm just love on how thick my hair has gotten my hair haven't been this thick ever since I was little. I believe I will BC in December even though I thought about cutting it until April which will make it a full year but I think I'm set on December, It will be a  New year, New hair. I'm excited just thinking about it ^___^ XO Cel

Saturday, October 6, 2012

6 months!!!

I'm so pissed off at myself for not taking pictures of my growth. I am six month post relaxer. I'm really proud of myself for lasting this long. I promise I will take a picture of my growth when I was my hair again. But I have so much growth and I'm loving it. I'm really tired of transitioning and I'm kind of ready to do the big chop, idk lol. Anyway I really regret not taking pictures when I first started transitioning but better late than never! I still have some people who don't like the idea of me going natural but oh well. I'm up for suggestion but not criticism (family). Like certain family member they think they know it all and it just aggravates me like crazy. I guess I will just have to show them that my natural hair is beautiful, nappy and all. Plus everybody in my house is relaxed except the boys and my 6 year old niece which i pray she doesn't get a relaxer at all. I know they don't like the idea of me going natural but its not up to them. In other news, I just recently did my second attempt of a braid-out that didn't come out right again so now I think I should try twist outs and buy flexi-rods and see how they come out. I promise I will take pictures of the process or better yet make a video which might be better, we'll see. Till then XOXO Cel 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Goodbye September

When I think of October I think of fall! I love the fall; from the changing of the leaves, the weather, scarves, beanies and all the beautiful things that come with fall. Plus this is the month my beautiful, crazy nephew was born. I believe he's going to be a preteen this week. Anyway I remember when I was younger and I would step on the leaves just because I loved to hear them crunch under my feet and to be honest I still do that. lol Oh yeah, I love having my hot coco or Latte's it just sets the mood of fall for me. Since fall is here I will be getting a good supply of scarves, beanies, boots(uggs) and the list goes on. Although I was born in the winter fall has to be one of my favorite seasons by far. I hope that this month and season goes well. Oh yeah Octobers marks 6 month of my transition from relaxed to natural. But I'm going to talk about it in a later post. Anyway I hope October treats everyone well!  XOXO Cel 

Monday, September 24, 2012

All work, No play

Untitled #10

Untitled #10 by starbaby91 featuring linen shirts
Today I was my first day back at work! I had to be at work around 9am so I set my alarm for 5:30. Which was a great thing for me to do because I know I can procrastinate. But waking up that early was brutal and if anyone knows me they know I hate mornings I could sleep all day if I could but I know that it would pay off when I receive my check.It feels good to finally get money rolling in my pockets. As for work it was really good, I got my morning Chai Latte with a coffee cake and went to work expecting the best. As soon as I walked in the guy put me right to work. He didn't have to tell me much just because I already knew what I was doing because I worked there last year. Oh btw I'm a work-study and I work in the tutoring center. The pay is okay but its better than what I have which is Nothing. But all the glory goes to God because I prayed and begged him for a job and now I have one and I'm grateful for it. But I'm hoping before December I have another job on the side and although work has just started I can't wait to get paid my wallet is hungry lol. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

That Girl

I’ve never been that girl to give her all to a guy who probably didn’t have anything to give. Or tell a guy how I feel because I don’t want to play a fool. I hated seeing girls put off their needs to fulfill their man’s needs. I’ve seen too many girls try to be someone they weren’t for some nigga that didn’t care for them in the first place. I didn’t want to be that girl to just be stuck on stupid for a guy. That’s probably why I’ve never had a boyfriend. Besides the fact I had my insecurities or whatever I just didn’t want to be that girl to be in relationship that was built on lies and fake love. I’m probably not making sense, I just have a alot on my mind. I just don’t want to be one of those girls to fall for someone who didn’t want to catch me in the first place.I didn’t want to be that girl.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple by starbaby91 featuring yellow gold jewelry

I'm all about keeping it simple as far a style is concerned. Even when it comes to my life I like to keep things simple even if it seems like it getting a little chaotic. I realized I have a lot of black in my wardrobe. I know that brown is still a neutral color but its a step up. I honestly hate bright colors but I'm gradually getting there. I got to post my OOTD's one of these days instead of the polyvore. But for right now I'm going to post my ideal outfits til I build my wardrobe. I promise when I go shopping I will pick out more skirts. Well more dressy cute stuff and even if I pick out jean I will try and dress it up also. Anyway if I was to wear an outfit it would be what you see above. Its simple and I like it. Its different for me, I like different and I hope I would be able to where something like it one day. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Not a Fashionista

Not a Fashionnista

I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone. I'm always wearing pants. Not once have I went out with a dress on that was not on a Sunday, or a dress I feel comfortable in. I don't know why I feel so weird when I try to put on a dress to school. The outfit above is like an idea of what I would wear out on a regular day. I know how to dress but its in the matter of feeling comfortable in my own skin. My sister doesn't understand how I feel just because she's skinny and girly. I'm not a girly person. Like she always tell me "Tracel you're a girl so dress like one" lol.  But I'm just going to try and incorporate my tomboyish style with a hint of a girly girl style. And I just have to get in the habit of picking out skirts or dresses instead of jeans a sweats which is on "go-to" but I guess I see what happens 

Casual Outfit

Friday, September 7, 2012

Vampire Diaries Promo

OMGEEE!! Words can not express how excited i am about Oct 11th to come! I'm counting down the days as of right now. So here's the promo if you haven't seen it yet. I can't get enough of it. I can tell that this is going to be the best season. Enjoy the promo

5 months down and I don't know how long to go

September makes the 5 month mark in my transition from relaxed to natural. I haven't took any pictures of my hair which I should get started to get record or I might start my journey on YouTube. I've been running away from the idea of putting myself on YouTube because I don't have a good camera. I know that's a lame excuse but whatever. Okay, my transition journey is not hard but its more challenging to say the least. But i haven't been doing well when it comes to staying away from the heat! I'm always blow drying and flat ironing my hair because that is what I'm custom to. But this week or next week I will try a twist out being that I bought pillow soft rollers and see how it turns out. I promise i will take a picture and blog about it lol! I've decided to wait to do a my big chop either in this December or in April which would make a year. I will see what happens with that because I am known to change my mind. Well okay til next time! xoxo Cel

Friday, August 31, 2012

College life

So my first day jitters ha e seized and not I'm in full college girl mode. Well slowly getting in to college girl mode. As of right now my brain is still in summer mode. My teachers didn't waste no time putting us to work. I only went to 3 out of 4 classes already. So far I really like all my teachers. They are really it down to earth and very sweet. Oh Yeah this is the first semester where I have all women teachers, it's pretty cool though. I hope this year I keep my word and actually do my work on time and stop being so nonchalant about anything and everything  school related.  Well let me get back to work..Xoxo

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First day Jitters

School hasn't even started yet and I'm nervous. I don't know why I get this way the week or day before school. I know for a fact the I'm going to up all night long. I've always been this way ever since I was a little girl. I don't care how early my mother would tell us to go to bed, I was always the last to go to sleep until is 4 or 5 in the morning. But when i was younger I was happy to go to school because back then first day of school was always fun. But we all know college is way different for grammar school. Anyway I'm sitting here dreading the first day back to college. But then I'm excited just because this is my last year in a community college and I can FINALLY go to a university! Am I the only one that get the first day jitters? I hope I'm not. lol.  In other news I'm trying to spice up my blog a little bit, I just don't know how. Like make my own header or make my picture bigger or whatever. I think its too plane. I want to spice up just little bit. I'm still working on saving up for a camera as well. I hope every works out in my favor. Well I will figure it out soon. 
As I stated in a previous post I'm start tomorrow the 29th of August! I know alot of people have started school this week and maybe last week I hope everyone has a great first day in hopes I do as well.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Losing Weight

For the life of me I can never lose weight. Well I can I just don't have the will power. I will start working out for a good month maybe less than a month and then just stop. Don't let me start talking about food. Me and food have this love hate relationship. I love food and its love me one day and then it could be my worse enemy. But I just need a little push to keep me going. Well I will see what happens a couple months from now

Monday, August 20, 2012

Goodbye Summer Nights Hello School Stress

Although school doesn't starts til Wednesday Aug 29th. I'm ready but I'm not ready for school. I went to the bookstore with my cousin today to originally get some notebooks and pens. But of course I didn't do like I planned. I came out with a backpack, 2 notebooks and still need more, 2 packs of pens, a USB, a planner, headphones, wallet, and an I.D holder. Lord knows why I got headphones and a wallet but all I could say is Thank God for financial aid. I don't want to abuse the financial aid money but I probably go back and get more notebooks and more stuff i don't need..I will be graduating Class of 2013 YAY!! Words cannot explain how excited I am about graduating with my Associate Degree in Early Childhood. Anyway I hope I do better in school this year. We'll see..My classes should be interesting. I have Intro to Drama, Childrens Literature, General Bio, and The history of the Western Civilization l.  I go to school 3 days out the week. Which is not that bad considering I use to be out everyday of the week. In other good new I books came. I decided to order my books instead of going to the book store to get the books and carry all the books back home. I just sound soo lazy just now lol. But oh well. I hope this semester goes by fast. School right around the corner..Ready or not

Monday, August 13, 2012

Teen Wolf season 2 Finale

This season would have to say was my favorite. Season one was an introduction so it was good enough to keep me interested. Anyway I'm sad that its all over and the fact  I have to wait to next year for a whole new season. I suck at reviews lol. So I'm going try my best. I'm might leave some stuff out. Here goes nothing. This show had me on the edge of my seat. From Jackson become that thing, Allison being the good girl gone bad. Sad that her mother died, committed suicide because she didn't want to become a werewolf *Tear*. Lidia being the cure for Jackson, Derek trying to become an Alpha because there are more Alphas coming, Stiles being Stiles and getting beat up by an old man. Besides that I really felt bad for him just because he really loved Lidia but she is still in love with Jackson which sucks. Scott was basically the hero in the finale. Scott looks so much better this season might I add. I don't care what anyone says Styles is my boyfriend. I really felt bad for him when Lidia going back to Jackson. Yes! I know Derek is sexy too lol. But ever since the first season Stiles always my favorite. OMGEEEE!! Jackson is finally a werewolf!! I repeat! Jackson is FINALLY  a werewolf! Lets just say it was a epic moment. This whole season was epic from beginning to end, I can't wait for next season.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

My day

Today was eventful with the fam bam. I went to Walmart and spent $160 dollars..For a moment I was sad because of all the money I was spent but then I realized all the items I did get was worth every penny. I must have been in Walmart for more than an hour. I don't know what it is but every time I go to Walmart I'm always spending hours there just because I can't decide what I actually want. But Thank God for my sisters' they helped me out alot. After Walmart I went to Five Guys and OMG their burgers were awesome!! You can put any topping on your burgers without it costing extra They also have a different variety of drinks such as Sprite with Vanilla or peach or even Strawberry and much more.I would definitely get their burgers before Mcdonalds.  Then later on in the day I got my hair and eye brows done. Let just say my hair and eyebrows needed a little TLC. Overall my day was pretty good although I spend more than I wanted. I need to learn how to save cause my wallet is basically empty and if there's one thing I hate it would be being broke. But I'm getting there I'm still learning how to save money. Hopefully I learn sooner than later. :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Camp is OVER!!!

YAY!!! I am soo freakin happy that the summer camp is over. Its wasn't the kids it was the supervisors. They would complain about every little thing. I understood they were doing their job and they were trying to follow the rules but they were treating the camp like it was a boot camp. We didn't even go on that many trips. We went bowling every Monday, swimming almost everyday, the gym, an Amusement park and then a Arcade place. I think we should have had more stuff for these its.The summer program was called "Summer Fun." why are we doing school work? I think the kids deserve a small break from school work being that they just go out of school. But whatever even through all the drama we I still tried to make the best out of it for the kids. I'm just glad that the kids that I did have fun being around me. They loved me so much they were hoping I would come back next year. lol. Although I wouldn't mind coming back for the kids, I wouldn't want to work for the people that hired me. Hopefully this time around next year I would have a better and real job. I don't take this job for granted because I needed the money. Plus I love kids and I'm really going to miss my munchkins.

Monday, July 30, 2012


EEKKKK! I'm not ready for summer to be over!! My school starts August 29th! Where did summer go! This summer is going by too fast.I could say the only thing I love about first day of school is getting new supplies or clothes for school. We're one day away from August and after that I guarantee that the month is going to go by fast. I just want to enjoy summer a little be longer. Anywho! This is my last year in the community college I'm attending. I am ecstatic to be out of that school. I would be receiving my Assoicates in Early Childhood Education. Then after this school I will be transferring to a four year school to Dual major in English. I hope in between that I could fully into my photography. We'll see. I just pray this semester I have awesome teachers and classmates, and that I have better study habits. I think this school year will be a good year. 

Monday, July 23, 2012


I'm going to rant! YAY!!! lol. So I've been transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. If i have to be honest I have had withdrawals about getting a relaxer but I am determine to be all natural. But Thank God for protective styling because its making the process is a little easy. Anyway, I don't mind the process its my family. Ever since I was five years old all I've gotten was a relaxer. That's all I've known. When my I get new growth i would slap some creamy crack on my hair. Plus that's all my family knows, and I just want to do something different. And my family is not big on change. There be days when my mother is like "Girl I just want to slap a relaxer in your hair." Although she is playing it just irritates me. Even my sisters. Its kinda sad on how she sees the natural hair. To hair their nappy unmanageable hair and there's manageable relaxed hair. I've been trying to teach her about about the natural hair. But for me hair is hair. I don't believe in "good hair" or "bad hair." But that's me. I'm not going to try and change her views or tell her she should try going natural because its not for everybody but I just hope she has a open-mind about it. Basically all I want is a little support. That's all I'm asking for. But I realize I'm not going to get support or props from everybody. I guess I would have to show them.


Thursday, July 19, 2012


If I can describe this week alone in one word it would be Exhausting!!!!! Once I get home from work I get a snack and take a long nap everyday this week, and also clean up -____-. The kids I look after at my job are a handful. Where I work at they go by what grade the kids are going to this September. So I got the 4th grade. Silly me thinking this grade would be a peace of cake but NOOOOOO! Everyday these kids come in soo hyper, I wonder if their parents give them caffeine in the morning before they come to the school. But other than that I love my kids even though I want to throw them somewhere lol. Although I love them like they were my own. Besides all that, I can wait for the week end. I need a break from these kids. Even though its a short lived break cause I start all over Monday. lol 

Friday, July 13, 2012


I've never been happier so see Friday. This whole week was very chaotic. I work at this summer camp which feels like the baby sitting summer job from hell! The supervisor is a very old lady who doesn't know how to have fun and the campers are just kids I want to throw somewhere lol. Well not all of them. First these kids have no manners and feel like they can do what they want to do. Some of them just need to stay home. Besides that all I want to do is have fun just like the kid and the supervisor seems like she doesn't. I not there to sit in the class rooms all day with these kids. I did not sign up for that I signed up to have fun.Hopefully next week would be better.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Iman Omari -Worth It

    This is the song of the week month. l'm in love with his voice! His voice could put me to sleep. Plus its very different from everyone else I listen to. I like different. His album is really nice. I've listened to his whole album but I could say like 3 out of  8 of his songs of his album! Like the title of this song downloading his album was Worth It.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I am soo ready to do the big chop right now! Although I am 3 months in my transition. I really don't want to deal with the two textures. I just want to be natural already. But what I might to is do "mini chop" in the back and see what happens.Hopefully all goes well and see what happens. But I wonder if its a good idea to do a many chop? Or should I just wait and do a big chop all together?

Friday, July 6, 2012

My hair diary

So I've been transitioning for three months now. Right now my hair is holding up strong except one side of my hair doesn't seem like it isn't growing fast enough. So I'm going to try and take something for my hair to grow faster.  There are sooo many supplements out there, I just don't know what to take. I can co-wash and wear protective styles all I want but my hair is all out of wack when it comes to growing..Anyway I plan on transitioning for 8 months or a full year before i do the big chop. I hope by then my hair would be in a decent length. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My first braid-out results

It came out pretty good but it was too dry. The only thing I forgot to put in was moisturizer but this is only trial and error. Hopefully the next time I would turn out better. This is the best picture of me and the braid out result but maybe next time.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Becoming "Girly"

I know that sounds weird but I've never been girly! NEVER! But when I try to be girly it feels sooo weird. I don't like skirts nor dresses. The only way i would get dressy is if I'm going to church or we have a special occasion where I have to wear something dressy. For me to where a dress or a skirt on a casual day will feel soo awkward. But one day i'm going to try a where a dress and blog about it and say how i feel about it.

 Here are some dresses I'm might consider wearing that's not on a Sunday

I got to get out of my comfort zone. I'm always wearing jeans or shorts or capris. This is going to be a challenge. We'll see what happens 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

31 years and still holding on

It is truly a blessing to see my parents together for so long. Of course they've been through their up's and down's but what marriage doesn't. In this day and time you rarely find people staying married, they give up too quick. My parents give me hope. And i know that i will have a long beautiful marriage  just like them

Friday, June 15, 2012

Transition update

So far my transition going okay, and a little harder. I've been transitioning for about 2 months now. I just need to get the hang of different transitioning styles without any heat. I try soooooo hard not to use heat. I just wish I had money to get my hair braided in thesenegalese twists or a sew-in weave to make this transition easier. Not to long ago I almost caved in and got an relaxer aka the creamy crack lol. But no one believes I'm going to go through the whole transition from relaxer to natural. So I really want to prove them that I CAN do it. My goal is to transition for 8 or 9 months. I'm going to wait patiently and hope i can transition for that long. We'll see ^___^

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Job Hunting

It is soo hard trying to find a job these days. Either they're hiring but don't hire me or I don't have enough experience on my belt.The one thing I hate about not having job is mainly being broke all the time. Its the worse. Plus I don't want to depending on my parents all the time. I'm 21 years old and I don't need to be completely dependent on my parents. They've done so much for me already and I don't want them to have to keep taking care of me like I'm a child.  But I'm just going to keep the faith that one of the places I applied for will call me back. Until then the search continues til I get a call back

Monday, June 4, 2012


I don't know whether I want to make videos about my transition from relaxed to natural, plus make up and stuff like that..and maybe vlogging type videos. I really don't know. I'm trying to get over the insecurities of people not liking me or even not being pretty enough. I know I don't have nothing to lose. But I just can't bring myself to get in front of the camera. Even if i don't do the hair/make-up videos I don't know what to talk omg! I making it sound like this a life threatening situations lol..I will decide what I want to do soon

Monday, May 21, 2012

My life update

Well I'm unemployed as of now. But I definitely searching for a job. I hate being broke and the summer job I got doesn't start til July. So that whole month of June I won't be working. And I really don't want to be home being a couch potato. That's one thing I can say about myself is that I'm not a home-body. Yes, I like stay home and chill for awhile but I can't being in the house all week long. I seriously will go crazy if I don't do nothing with myself. So I hope wherever I apply someone will call me back for an interview. Besides that I'm done with school I am super duper happy that I'm done with school. I'm pleased with the grades that I got for this semester although I know I could have done better. I got 2 A's and 2 C's. I wish those C's were B's but hey next year I will do better. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm going Natural

I've been thinking about it for a longgggg time! So I decided to officially go natural. My last relaxer was in April , so i'm in the process of transitioning fro relax to natural. Of course some of my family members don't like my decision but I'm like its my hair and i do what I want with it. Besides that I'm kind of excited about how my natural hair is going to look like and all that good stuff. I've watching alot of natural and transitioning vids on youtube and they are really inspiring. I can't wait to see my natural hair.   

Monday, April 16, 2012

I got my permit!!!

Words can not express how proud i am of myself..It was about time I got it though, all i need is my license and then get my car! I was tired of being the only one out of my friends and some family members who dont have their license. Right now im going to call a driving school so i can practice because i already know that my mother, father nor my sister is going to help me sooo yeah i basically on my own. Which is fine with me, i need to start doing stuff on my own anyway..i realize the things i want in this life i need to go out and get it and not wait for it to be handed to me. In all that im just proud of myself and showing myself i can do anything i put my mind to and with God's help

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Waiting Patiently

I'm at the point of my life where I felt like I should be in a relationship right now. I've never had one boyfriend and since I'm 21 I should have a boyfriend by now. But if you asked me why I wanted a boyfriend, I couldn't give you a straight answer. All I would tell you is "I don't know", "I just want one." I never really sat down and thought about why I should have a boyfriend. Yeah its nice to have someone to talk to, cuddle with, kiss and all that good stuff but a relationship takes more the that. It take more than what I see in the movies. I need to stop watching so many romantic movies, they give me false hope lol just kidding. Sometimes I wish my life was like a romantic movie. Like The Notebook or like Brown Sugar. Unfortunately life doesn't work like the movies. A girl can dream though! I've had many guys asking me to be their girlfriend so many times but I just felt like they would be waste of time. I want to be in a relationship but I want to be in the right one..I know that God has someone out there for me, so I'm just going to wait patiently for my guy to come.

Monday, March 12, 2012


I always say there is no need for regrets because the one thing I'm regretting was the one thing I really wanted. So when ever I do something wrong or made a mistake I just learned to live with my mistakes...There's no need for regrets..

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Idk what made me take some classes with my sister..I love her but she is a pain..She acts like my mother and I hate that...We are both adults and would be nice to be treated like one..Plus people think we are joined at the hip. Like we are suppose to be together all the time! But I see her everyday in the house..I really regret taking classes with her..I've definitely would never take anymore classes with her..I should have went with my gut and change my classes when I had the chance but its too late now 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moving out

I am so ready moving out of my parents house. I feel like im being smothered. Its not that I dont love my parent or my family but I just feel its about time I leave and become my own person. Im 21 years old, it about time I move..I just need a nice paying job so I could save up and find me a place. I know my family feel like im not ready to be  on my own, basically they dont think im not "responsible" enough..That really hurts to know that my family doesnt think im not ready to be own my on..Well I just have to show them that I am ready to be on my own..In all that I just hope I move out soon

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I'm soo nervous/excited about school. I have all my books which I ordered from the bookstore. The only thing I don't have is notebooks which I'm not really stressing about. Oh yeah I have 3 classes with my sister. I feel like I'm going to regret having these classes with her but not really because me and my brother had classes together when we were in grammar school and one class in high school. It was okay but I felt like I couldn't do nothing because they were trying to rule me. And I hate being ruled and being told what to do. Anyway school officially started Friday but I have class on Wednesdays and Thursdays!! And I will be working on my days off..Well thats it for now..I'm thinking about making videos from time to time when i don't feel like writing..Its still a thought.. Later!!