Monday, August 13, 2012

Teen Wolf season 2 Finale

This season would have to say was my favorite. Season one was an introduction so it was good enough to keep me interested. Anyway I'm sad that its all over and the fact  I have to wait to next year for a whole new season. I suck at reviews lol. So I'm going try my best. I'm might leave some stuff out. Here goes nothing. This show had me on the edge of my seat. From Jackson become that thing, Allison being the good girl gone bad. Sad that her mother died, committed suicide because she didn't want to become a werewolf *Tear*. Lidia being the cure for Jackson, Derek trying to become an Alpha because there are more Alphas coming, Stiles being Stiles and getting beat up by an old man. Besides that I really felt bad for him just because he really loved Lidia but she is still in love with Jackson which sucks. Scott was basically the hero in the finale. Scott looks so much better this season might I add. I don't care what anyone says Styles is my boyfriend. I really felt bad for him when Lidia going back to Jackson. Yes! I know Derek is sexy too lol. But ever since the first season Stiles always my favorite. OMGEEEE!! Jackson is finally a werewolf!! I repeat! Jackson is FINALLY  a werewolf! Lets just say it was a epic moment. This whole season was epic from beginning to end, I can't wait for next season.

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