Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Camp is OVER!!!

YAY!!! I am soo freakin happy that the summer camp is over. Its wasn't the kids it was the supervisors. They would complain about every little thing. I understood they were doing their job and they were trying to follow the rules but they were treating the camp like it was a boot camp. We didn't even go on that many trips. We went bowling every Monday, swimming almost everyday, the gym, an Amusement park and then a Arcade place. I think we should have had more stuff for these its.The summer program was called "Summer Fun." why are we doing school work? I think the kids deserve a small break from school work being that they just go out of school. But whatever even through all the drama we I still tried to make the best out of it for the kids. I'm just glad that the kids that I did have fun being around me. They loved me so much they were hoping I would come back next year. lol. Although I wouldn't mind coming back for the kids, I wouldn't want to work for the people that hired me. Hopefully this time around next year I would have a better and real job. I don't take this job for granted because I needed the money. Plus I love kids and I'm really going to miss my munchkins.

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