Monday, July 30, 2012


EEKKKK! I'm not ready for summer to be over!! My school starts August 29th! Where did summer go! This summer is going by too fast.I could say the only thing I love about first day of school is getting new supplies or clothes for school. We're one day away from August and after that I guarantee that the month is going to go by fast. I just want to enjoy summer a little be longer. Anywho! This is my last year in the community college I'm attending. I am ecstatic to be out of that school. I would be receiving my Assoicates in Early Childhood Education. Then after this school I will be transferring to a four year school to Dual major in English. I hope in between that I could fully into my photography. We'll see. I just pray this semester I have awesome teachers and classmates, and that I have better study habits. I think this school year will be a good year. 

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