Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rainy Days Attire

Rainy Days

Rainy Days by thatgirlcel featuring a cross ring

When it comes to rain I am a pure bum. I never really want to do anything. If I'm home I would do what I need to do like clean, bathe etc. The days I have to go somewhere like school or work I just slap on a beanie, hoodie and boots. My job doesn't require me to wear anything professional so I just wear what I want but still presentable. Anyway, when I have to go out and it raining you will not find me in a skirt unless its Sunday and I have to go to church. But for the most part, I'm always rocking my hoodie,boots and beanie. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

My Rainy Day Rituals

I know I'm not the only one who loves those rainy days. I love to hear the rain hit the window pane and have my window cracked open to get a little breeze. These rituals only happen when I have a day off from work or school. Here we go!!

Cleaning: I have to a clean room. It just wouldn't feel right. I hate having a dirty room or even bathroom.  It could be something simple like; rearranging my cloest or my reorganizing my nightstand or dresser. I would take all my time just to get my room clean and having a the bathroom smelling fresh .

Batheing: After I slaving over my room, I take a nice shower to wash away all the blood, sweat, and tears, well not blood or the tear but definitely the sweat needs to come off. I love the feeling of a clean body.

Movies: After cleaning my room and bathroom I pop in a dvd or watch something on Netflix. It all depends. If you like me, a rainy day is not complete without a good movie. I prefer a romantic or even a comedy/chick flick. You can never go wrong with The Notebook or  27 dresses. It just sets the mood

FoodI'm not a big popcorn eater if I do decide to watch a movie so would probably make some banana oatmeal, or maybe a small plate of leftovers from last night. It all depends on how I'm feeling that day

Candles: I have to have a candle lit after my all of the numerous chores I had to do. Bath and Body works have the best candles but the cheap brands works as well. I would burn Cinnamon or Cloving buds or Fresh Balsam or whatever smells good.

One thing I love about rainy days is just enjoying my time away from the world. I love treating myself to the little things. If I don't do anything of my rituals I usually just lay in bed and listen to the rain while some soft music is playing in the background.
XO Cel 

What are your rainy day rituals? 

I want to give a big Thank You to Ms. Kim from http://www.kimberlyluxe.com for letting me use her banner! Make sure to check out her blog, I promise you would love her blog! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

7 months post

OMGEEE!! I am so proud of myself for making it this far during my transition period. To be honest I never thought I will make it this far. What really made me stick to my decision was the people that didn't believe i will go through the whole natural hair journey. I can truly say I had made the best decision for my hair. Before I started my hair journey my hair was so damaged and thin and I hated it. This journey has its up's and down's but I'm learning and loving it. I made it official that I'm doing my bc next month and I'm super excited!!! I'm just at the point I'm just tired of blending these two textures. I already fell in love with my natural hair, I love how thick and soft it is. I don't know what catergory it falls in but whatever it is I know I will love it because its the texture and pattern God had gave me and he never makes any mistakes. I just wish some of my family saw how beautiful our natural hair is. My oldest sisters is always saying your hair isn't going to be curly and just going to be nappy and all that mumbo jumbo. I just tend to block her negative comments out. Because whether its nappy or curly or whatever I will love it either way. If I could say what I've learned during this journey is to love who I am from head to toe, and don't listen to anyone who has anything negative to say. Although I have some of my family that makes jokes about it most of them are very supportive. Like my brothers LaMont and Carrington don't really care except one, my brother Carrington was like he can't imagine me with short hair but other than that he really supports my journey. It feels good to know I have a support system. I might have inspired my cousin to go natural so I'm really excited about that as well. Well let me see how my family reacts to my new hair next month. I promise to post before and after pics

XO Cel

Monday, November 12, 2012

U.K?!! One Day

U.K?!! One Day

U.K?!! One Day by thatgirlcel featuring skinny leg jeans

For as long as I could remember, I ALWAYS wanted to visit London or the U.K. I believe that I fell in love london because of their accents but once I researched the U.K more I loved it even more. I guess because is so different from what I'm accustom to here in the U.S. I just realized I follow a lot of people from the U.K on blogspot and youtube. lol. I attempt to do the british accent but I dont think its working for me at all, but i will keep on practicing. Anyway when I younger I made a promise to myself that I will go to the U.K if its the last thing I do. I know that God doesn't make mistakes but I think I was meant to be in London. I know I would just love it there. Of course there are many places I would love to visit but London is at the top of my list of places to go. Oh yeah this lady at my mothers job told me about her sister going to London for school, she also gave me a website to check out. It has a list of schools and majors. I'm definitely going to look more into it. I pray I can get into one of the University. I believe that london has infinite opportunities and I will jump right on it when the opportunity presents itself.
XO Cel 

Monday, November 5, 2012

My week during Hurricane Sandy blackout

       I've been away from my social networks for a full week! That was the first time its has been a blackout for a week. Blackouts here didn't last long before, maybe an hour or more. Besides that me and my family were doing well. Of course we were all getting kind of annoyed because we didn't have any hot water and then on the radio they will tell us "oh the lights will be on Wednesday" and never came on. It was actually getting on my nerves. Anyway during this week some of my family members including me would play monopoly. Although I wish we had more games to play other than monopoly but it was fun! I usually don't play monopoly but I gave in because there was nothing else to do.
     I am grateful that me and my family had food to eat and that our stove was working. So we could make soup and eggs and what not. I could honestly say during this whole week it made me and my family closer. Personally during the blackout we had fun, we were joking around with each other, I would be in one of my brothers room and we would play games, listen to the radio and pick at each other and whatever we could think of. Although we did have fun we were getting tired of being in the dark for those five days. Thank God the lights came back on Saturday morning. We were screaming from the top of our lungs. I think the whole block could hear us. I felt good to have out light back on. My niece told me she miss the lights being out, because we were having so much fun playing the board games. Even with the odds, my family and I beat it. I know it was God who kept us sane though it all.
         Although my lights are back on, I'm praying for those who lost their houses, and/or still don't have lights I pray they come on real soon. I hated not having light and I hate for other to be without light either. Also my heart and prayers goes out to those who lost loved ones during the hurricane.

XO Cel 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Liebster Award

OMGEEE!! I"ve been nominated for the Liebster award by two beautiful ladies Stephaniechanel(www.stephanieschantel.com) and Moni-Pie(http://moni-pie.blogspot.com)!! 
This award is for bloggers who have 200 or less followers. 
Thank you lovely ladies for nominating me!!

List 11 random facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions asked by the person that nominated you
Choose 11 blogs that have 200 or fewer followers to nominate (don't forget to tell them)
Make 11 questions for the people you are nominating 
Link the blog of the person that nominated you in your post and thank them!
11 random facts about me!
1. I love to draw
2. I can sleep all day if I could
3. I'm learning how to play guitar
4. I'm very independent
5. I love my family
6. I keep an actually journal/dairy 
7. I'm very impatient
8.I rather talk than text on the phone
9. I'm shy at times
10. I'm love photography! 
11. I love to read

Stephaniechanel Questions
1. What year did you start blogging? 2011
2. What category would you define your blog as? Life/"Fashion" blogger
3. What's your favorite blog right now?http://doseofglambition.blogspot.com/
4. Favorite animal? Dogs
5. Favorite dessert? Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
6. Favorite brand/store? Forever 21
7. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be? London
8. What's your top 3 places to visit? California, Australia, Florida 
9. If you could have starred in a movie, which one would it be?  Any with Denzel Washington 
10. What's your zodiac sign? Aquarius 
11. Who's your celebrity icon/role model? Kerry Washington 

Moni-pie Questions
  1. Whats your favourite blog of all time? http://www.kimberlyluxe.com/
  2. What are 3 items always in your handbag? Chapstick, Phone, and Ipod
  3. Who's your style icon? Shirley B. Eniang from www. meek-n-mild.com 
  4. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 30 mins 
  5. Do you prefer straight or curly hair? Curly hair 
  6. What do you  blog most about? My life 
  7. Whats your favourite beauty brand? Maybelline 
  8. Whats your star sign?  Aquarius
  9. What is one natural at home beauty treatment that you do? I don't have none
  10. whats your hobby? besides blogging of course/ Photography
  11. How long have you been blogging for? Since November 2011
11 Blogs that I choose

11 Questions I asked
  1. Whats your favorite color?
  2. Favorite Hobby?
  3. Any bad habits?
  4. What is your go-to make-up product?
  5. Fave season?
  6. Favorite dish?
  7. What attracts you to the opposite sex? 
  8. Favorite Blogger?
  9. Fashion inspirations? 
  10. Favorite movie?
  11. 3 things you can't leave the house without
Thanks again!! XO Cel