Monday, September 24, 2012

All work, No play

Untitled #10

Untitled #10 by starbaby91 featuring linen shirts
Today I was my first day back at work! I had to be at work around 9am so I set my alarm for 5:30. Which was a great thing for me to do because I know I can procrastinate. But waking up that early was brutal and if anyone knows me they know I hate mornings I could sleep all day if I could but I know that it would pay off when I receive my check.It feels good to finally get money rolling in my pockets. As for work it was really good, I got my morning Chai Latte with a coffee cake and went to work expecting the best. As soon as I walked in the guy put me right to work. He didn't have to tell me much just because I already knew what I was doing because I worked there last year. Oh btw I'm a work-study and I work in the tutoring center. The pay is okay but its better than what I have which is Nothing. But all the glory goes to God because I prayed and begged him for a job and now I have one and I'm grateful for it. But I'm hoping before December I have another job on the side and although work has just started I can't wait to get paid my wallet is hungry lol. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

That Girl

I’ve never been that girl to give her all to a guy who probably didn’t have anything to give. Or tell a guy how I feel because I don’t want to play a fool. I hated seeing girls put off their needs to fulfill their man’s needs. I’ve seen too many girls try to be someone they weren’t for some nigga that didn’t care for them in the first place. I didn’t want to be that girl to just be stuck on stupid for a guy. That’s probably why I’ve never had a boyfriend. Besides the fact I had my insecurities or whatever I just didn’t want to be that girl to be in relationship that was built on lies and fake love. I’m probably not making sense, I just have a alot on my mind. I just don’t want to be one of those girls to fall for someone who didn’t want to catch me in the first place.I didn’t want to be that girl.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple by starbaby91 featuring yellow gold jewelry

I'm all about keeping it simple as far a style is concerned. Even when it comes to my life I like to keep things simple even if it seems like it getting a little chaotic. I realized I have a lot of black in my wardrobe. I know that brown is still a neutral color but its a step up. I honestly hate bright colors but I'm gradually getting there. I got to post my OOTD's one of these days instead of the polyvore. But for right now I'm going to post my ideal outfits til I build my wardrobe. I promise when I go shopping I will pick out more skirts. Well more dressy cute stuff and even if I pick out jean I will try and dress it up also. Anyway if I was to wear an outfit it would be what you see above. Its simple and I like it. Its different for me, I like different and I hope I would be able to where something like it one day. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Not a Fashionista

Not a Fashionnista

I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone. I'm always wearing pants. Not once have I went out with a dress on that was not on a Sunday, or a dress I feel comfortable in. I don't know why I feel so weird when I try to put on a dress to school. The outfit above is like an idea of what I would wear out on a regular day. I know how to dress but its in the matter of feeling comfortable in my own skin. My sister doesn't understand how I feel just because she's skinny and girly. I'm not a girly person. Like she always tell me "Tracel you're a girl so dress like one" lol.  But I'm just going to try and incorporate my tomboyish style with a hint of a girly girl style. And I just have to get in the habit of picking out skirts or dresses instead of jeans a sweats which is on "go-to" but I guess I see what happens 

Casual Outfit

Friday, September 7, 2012

Vampire Diaries Promo

OMGEEE!! Words can not express how excited i am about Oct 11th to come! I'm counting down the days as of right now. So here's the promo if you haven't seen it yet. I can't get enough of it. I can tell that this is going to be the best season. Enjoy the promo

5 months down and I don't know how long to go

September makes the 5 month mark in my transition from relaxed to natural. I haven't took any pictures of my hair which I should get started to get record or I might start my journey on YouTube. I've been running away from the idea of putting myself on YouTube because I don't have a good camera. I know that's a lame excuse but whatever. Okay, my transition journey is not hard but its more challenging to say the least. But i haven't been doing well when it comes to staying away from the heat! I'm always blow drying and flat ironing my hair because that is what I'm custom to. But this week or next week I will try a twist out being that I bought pillow soft rollers and see how it turns out. I promise i will take a picture and blog about it lol! I've decided to wait to do a my big chop either in this December or in April which would make a year. I will see what happens with that because I am known to change my mind. Well okay til next time! xoxo Cel