Friday, September 7, 2012

5 months down and I don't know how long to go

September makes the 5 month mark in my transition from relaxed to natural. I haven't took any pictures of my hair which I should get started to get record or I might start my journey on YouTube. I've been running away from the idea of putting myself on YouTube because I don't have a good camera. I know that's a lame excuse but whatever. Okay, my transition journey is not hard but its more challenging to say the least. But i haven't been doing well when it comes to staying away from the heat! I'm always blow drying and flat ironing my hair because that is what I'm custom to. But this week or next week I will try a twist out being that I bought pillow soft rollers and see how it turns out. I promise i will take a picture and blog about it lol! I've decided to wait to do a my big chop either in this December or in April which would make a year. I will see what happens with that because I am known to change my mind. Well okay til next time! xoxo Cel

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  1. I hope the transition goes smooth!

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