Thursday, July 19, 2012


If I can describe this week alone in one word it would be Exhausting!!!!! Once I get home from work I get a snack and take a long nap everyday this week, and also clean up -____-. The kids I look after at my job are a handful. Where I work at they go by what grade the kids are going to this September. So I got the 4th grade. Silly me thinking this grade would be a peace of cake but NOOOOOO! Everyday these kids come in soo hyper, I wonder if their parents give them caffeine in the morning before they come to the school. But other than that I love my kids even though I want to throw them somewhere lol. Although I love them like they were my own. Besides all that, I can wait for the week end. I need a break from these kids. Even though its a short lived break cause I start all over Monday. lol 

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