Monday, August 20, 2012

Goodbye Summer Nights Hello School Stress

Although school doesn't starts til Wednesday Aug 29th. I'm ready but I'm not ready for school. I went to the bookstore with my cousin today to originally get some notebooks and pens. But of course I didn't do like I planned. I came out with a backpack, 2 notebooks and still need more, 2 packs of pens, a USB, a planner, headphones, wallet, and an I.D holder. Lord knows why I got headphones and a wallet but all I could say is Thank God for financial aid. I don't want to abuse the financial aid money but I probably go back and get more notebooks and more stuff i don't need..I will be graduating Class of 2013 YAY!! Words cannot explain how excited I am about graduating with my Associate Degree in Early Childhood. Anyway I hope I do better in school this year. We'll see..My classes should be interesting. I have Intro to Drama, Childrens Literature, General Bio, and The history of the Western Civilization l.  I go to school 3 days out the week. Which is not that bad considering I use to be out everyday of the week. In other good new I books came. I decided to order my books instead of going to the book store to get the books and carry all the books back home. I just sound soo lazy just now lol. But oh well. I hope this semester goes by fast. School right around the corner..Ready or not

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