Sunday, December 16, 2012

Grab bag!!!

I personally l-o-v-e grab bags. In my last post I stated my family and I do grab bags as a Christmas tradition. Okay before I go anywhere I will explain what a grab bag. It when we write names of whomever is participating in a hat, plastic bag or whatever you can find to shuffle. Then when that's finish one by one blindly pick a name. Oh yeah there are no trades or take backs lol. Now after that it everything depends you and what you think the person will like. My family has a price limit that's like 25 dollars or more. You don't need a price limit if you don't want a price limit. The whole point of the grab is to get what you think the person will like. Now if you don't really know what to get the person you could ask some of your friends what they think person will like just to get an idea of what to get them. At the end the whole experience is fun. Just to see their faces when they open the present(s) you got them. Its priceless! Doing the grab bag is really nice and different. Happy Grab bagging!!!

XO Cel 

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