Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thoughts, Updates and such

The semester is finally over. Now I can breathe! Do with me felt good (LOL) well I can really breathe with my professors post my final grades. Then I will be happy. Throughout the semester I had a lot of withdrawals, whether I wanted to stay in the major i'm in or whether I want to continue my education after I graduate. For example I still want to get my degree in Medical Assisting and get into acting classes. As you can tell I am a very indecisive person  in general. But I'm young I guess I can do whatever I want. I've realize I can never do one thing, I get bored very easily. But one things for certain I do want to become a Medical assisting and an Actress. First I will have to find a good school to get into for Medical Assisting (which I'm in the process of doing)  and hope I will find a school before I graduate this May. Oh btw I'm graduating with my Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. Which I am soo ecstatic about after 3 years in my community college I finally be graduating. It is truly an accomplishment. After that I will see what happens, I will be praying about it and go from there.
XO Cel 

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