Sunday, October 21, 2012

Interview Attire?

Interview Attire?

Interview Attire? by thatgirlcel featuring chanel

Hey guys!!!! I have exciting news! I have a job interview this Tuesday! *hits the dougie* lol I am absolutely ecstatic. It with Bath and Body works. Behind the excitement I am pretty nervous. I've never had a interview for a retail store. I just have a good feeling that I'm going to get this job though. I'm not being cocky I just have faith that everything is going to work in my favor. Even though I don't have exactly have the attire above, the only thing I have is a blazer and a ugly black skirt. I will make it work though. Well just pray for me guys that I get the job. I will keep you guys posted. XO Cel 

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  1. Hey Brownskin Girl-

    First off let me say I really like your blog!

    I like this outfit for an interview. It's really classy and I always wear a suit to an office type interview so this would be perfect I say.
    I love the shoes as well, but probably wouldn't wear them for an interview, I would go with a basic black pump, but that's just me. Great post! You definitly have a new follower!

    Good luck on your interview!

    -Nicole Alicia


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