Thursday, October 25, 2012

Something blue

Untitled #12

Untitled #12 by thatgirlcel featuring crystal bracelets

Today I didn't do much, my day was consist of class, work, and class. So my day was pretty boring. Before I get ahead of myself. The interview I went to, went pretty well from my point of view. It was your typical interview but with a little twist. The person interviewing me and these other two girls was really chill and layback but I knew she meant business. She just asked us a few questions and had us roll played as if we were already employed it was fun and interesting. Anyway let mind you I went for the interview tuesday. So the head-secretary told me they had call yesterday. I was excited and nervous about getting a message saying that the Bath and Body works called my supervisor. I am so nervous about the review my supervisor gave me. I hope it what she said was good enough for them to give me the job. But I'm not going to worry about it anymore, I'm just going to let go and let God. I always say if the job is for me then the Lord will bless me with the job. If not, he has something better for me. I'll keep yall posted XO Cel


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