Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Goodbye September

When I think of October I think of fall! I love the fall; from the changing of the leaves, the weather, scarves, beanies and all the beautiful things that come with fall. Plus this is the month my beautiful, crazy nephew was born. I believe he's going to be a preteen this week. Anyway I remember when I was younger and I would step on the leaves just because I loved to hear them crunch under my feet and to be honest I still do that. lol Oh yeah, I love having my hot coco or Latte's it just sets the mood of fall for me. Since fall is here I will be getting a good supply of scarves, beanies, boots(uggs) and the list goes on. Although I was born in the winter fall has to be one of my favorite seasons by far. I hope that this month and season goes well. Oh yeah Octobers marks 6 month of my transition from relaxed to natural. But I'm going to talk about it in a later post. Anyway I hope October treats everyone well!  XOXO Cel 

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