Saturday, October 6, 2012

6 months!!!

I'm so pissed off at myself for not taking pictures of my growth. I am six month post relaxer. I'm really proud of myself for lasting this long. I promise I will take a picture of my growth when I was my hair again. But I have so much growth and I'm loving it. I'm really tired of transitioning and I'm kind of ready to do the big chop, idk lol. Anyway I really regret not taking pictures when I first started transitioning but better late than never! I still have some people who don't like the idea of me going natural but oh well. I'm up for suggestion but not criticism (family). Like certain family member they think they know it all and it just aggravates me like crazy. I guess I will just have to show them that my natural hair is beautiful, nappy and all. Plus everybody in my house is relaxed except the boys and my 6 year old niece which i pray she doesn't get a relaxer at all. I know they don't like the idea of me going natural but its not up to them. In other news, I just recently did my second attempt of a braid-out that didn't come out right again so now I think I should try twist outs and buy flexi-rods and see how they come out. I promise I will take pictures of the process or better yet make a video which might be better, we'll see. Till then XOXO Cel 

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  1. Congrats on your progression period!! Stick with it, because that one year of being free is rewarding. Don't worry about the criticism, at first its aggravating but this is a personal goal for you. Don't let others interfere with your personal goals. Love your blog, keep it up! XOXO Simone


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