Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Becoming "Girly"

I know that sounds weird but I've never been girly! NEVER! But when I try to be girly it feels sooo weird. I don't like skirts nor dresses. The only way i would get dressy is if I'm going to church or we have a special occasion where I have to wear something dressy. For me to where a dress or a skirt on a casual day will feel soo awkward. But one day i'm going to try a where a dress and blog about it and say how i feel about it.

 Here are some dresses I'm might consider wearing that's not on a Sunday

I got to get out of my comfort zone. I'm always wearing jeans or shorts or capris. This is going to be a challenge. We'll see what happens 

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  1. I was raised as a little boy, so I call my style "Tomboy Chic". I loved jeans and tee's for the longest. When I entered college, I was so set on being a better version of myself and trying new things. This included dressing more girly. I just want to reassure you that you will NOT be used to it in the beginning, so do not feel like that automatically means the feminine look isn't for you. No. Even girls who are dressy feel uncomfortable in just "jeans and a tee" (shocking, I know!).

    The weird feeling is a sign that you are just adjusting. Keep dressing up girl, fight through the slight discomfort and break out of your clothing comfort zone until you are used to dressing up. After forcing myself to wear heals even when going to class, I got used to loving both the casual look and the dressy look and eventually mastered both. I have slacked off a bit for the past two years, but that's because things have been hectic. Lol.. However, when the time calls for it, I always know how to dress appropriate for the occasion!

    Thanks for your honesty and for sharing this post. Keep us posted on your progress!


    Soraya, FWB


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