Monday, April 29, 2013


I've never been so in love with my hair til now!! Every since I took out the braids I have been a happy camper!! My hair is definitely bigger and softer..omg my hair is so freaking soft!! I can't wait til it gets even bigger!! Even my family has seen the growth. Right now I'm trying to find a place that does natural hair so they can trim my end and all that good stuff..I have bought new hair products. I did get the some of the Shea moisture product and I love the results that it gave, but I will just say a little goes a long way. The Shea moisture product might just be my staple hair products..Okay I'm going to stop fan girling on my hair!! Lol, til next time

XO Cel

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  1. lol @ fan girling on your hair! your hair looks great!!


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