Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 hair journey

2013 was a very interesting year for me hair wise, mentally and physically. I really learned a lot about myself during this hair journey. I've learned how to be comfortable with myself and love has been difficult and challaging for me to love myself and not care what people think of me or my hair. After awhile I just stopped caring. My hair has grown so much and I love it!! This month makes 1 full year of me being natural!! I can't wait to see where I'm hair will be a couple of years from now 


  1. Awwwh, I commend your bravery! You can do this 1 year and counting!

    P.S- Happy New Year!

  2. your hair looks amazing. i'll be 3 years relaxer free and still haven't made my hair look as nice as yours!



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