Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another life update


Well..I started my first day at work on Friday!! It was pretty interesting, I had some fun because i get to learn something new. I work behind the scenes, I work in the stock room, un-boxing and putting things on the shelves. Sounds fun right?! lol. I know its not the ideal job but I'm just grateful that I have a job. I feel like this is a legit job just because they do direct deposit. When I found out that the do direct deposit and I got a legit name tag, I was like COOLLLL in my white girl voice lol!!! Anyway,I'm just a little nervous about how I will juggle school work and work at the same time. This is something new for me because my other two job didn't require much from me. School starts next week and I don't have my I.D or anything. I have to make sure my financial aid is set done and then I have to go to the EOF program and make sure that is all set and done as well. I'm a little excited and nervous about school because I'm actually attending a University. But I think I will okay and I will get the hang of things when it comes to working and going to school.


My hair has grown so much since I big chopped in January. I love my hair. Its soo thick and healthy, I would never go back to relaxers. I also colored my hair I believe a month ago. Oh yeah this month makes 7 months being natural!! OMGEEE That pretty cool. I'm giving my hands and hair a break so I go box-braids. I'm trying to take care of my hair even though its in braids. So can some help a sister out and give me some advice on how to care for hair when its in braids. I planning on keeping these braids in until October or November (most likely October) lol...We shall see about that.

XO Cel

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