Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The single life....

People put as being single is a death sentence! Being single is not bad at all. Of course, there will be times when I get a little lonely, wanting to be in a relationship, kiss and cuddle up with someone. Having all that would be nice. Thinking about getting in a relationship right now at this point of my life wouldn't be the best decision. I am very selfish. I've learn through an a interesting experience that I am not ready for that type of commitment. I've learned that I like my own space..I love me time...like all that time. Don't get me wrong I like having friends and spending time with my good friends but to be in a committed relationship ehhhh not so much. Being single I'm learning who I am as young adult. Things that I didn't know before when I was focusing on being in a relationship with a guy I had no business being with. I've also been building my relationship with God because who know  you better than God. I just believe no one should get in any kind of relationship if they have personal issues such as self-hate, insecurities and not knowing who they are. I don't know how many times I've seen couples break up because they are super insecure and/or try to find someone to love them when they don't even love/know themselves. I've learned that first hand no one can love/know you like you can..I think being single is the best thing for me to do or for anyone to do. The more you love yourself and know yourself when you do decide date or be in a committed relationship everything will fall into place.

XO Cel

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  1. In agreement with ALL of this! It's one of the reasons I'm taking my current courtship day by day. I just want to make sure I feel complete within myself because a lot of times, I can feel so solidified in my identity until another person enters my world and shakes that up a little bit. I'm trying to learn balance. I really do agree that you should get yourself right before aligning yourself with another because those can be the most toxic relationship. My most toxic relationship was when I had no idea who I was, had very little love for myself, and was looking at him to help me with being me. It wasn't right. I've learned a lot during the years since then, and one of those lessons was that single is not a death sentence. I want to want a person in my life, not need them. Being single has taught me that :)


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