Thursday, August 8, 2013

Capturing the moment

This picture above describes me all the way...I'm all about capturing every moment of my life. Although I don't have a real camera I will take my IPhone out in a heartbeat. Its not the best quality its there to fills the void until I get enough money to get a real camera. I know my family is annoyed when I always want to take a picture or even record a video. I just wish they understood how much capturing that moment means to me because once that moment is gone its gone forever. Once I get my camera my family better brace themselves for intense camera time! My love for photography has always been real ever since I was preteen I just never had the proper equipment or the money. I seriously can't wait to get my camera, I cant wait to do what I love to do. Til then I will be taking photos on my iphone and fangirling on my favorite photographers.

XO Cel 

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